UPDATE: Austin Carlile’s Preliminary Hearing Moved To April 29

austin carlile

We received a number of messages over the last week seeking an update to our report on the arrest of Austin Carlile in Bowling Green, OH during the last weekend in March on charges of felonious assault. Few additional details have surfaced in the weeks that have passed since we last posted about the situation, and the big take away today is that there will likely be no new information for at least another two weeks.

According to a recent update on the Bowling Green Municipal Court website, Austin Carlile’s preliminary hearing was moved from yesterday, April 15, to 9:00 AM (EST) on April 29. Carlile is required to attend this hearing, and he will be appearing alongside his attorney Scott Coon.

Just to be clear, a preliminary hearing is not a trial. To borrow from an explanation posted on CriminalLawyer.org, “A preliminary hearing, also called a probable cause hearing, is held in some jurisdictions after someone has been arrested and charged with a crime or crimes. During the preliminary hearing, a magistrate or judge decides whether the person should be held over for trial, that is, whether there is enough evidence to proceed.”

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