MGMT Releases Preview of New Song, “Alien Days”


If you’re an MGMT fan, you might want to dust off your old boombox. Today, MGMT released a trippy video containing a preview of their new song, “Alien Days,” which is being released as an exclusive Record Store Day cassingle. The cassette will also feature the B-side track entitled, “Message 7 from Hearty White.”

The video teaser includes a cassette tape inserting itself into an old car, and a hand puppet driving a car off into a psychedelic world. So, pretty much exactly what you’d expect from MGMT. The band has yet to unveil new material since their ambitious 2010 release, Congratulations. “Alien Days” is the first track we can expect to see on their potentially self-titled future album.

The teaser for MGTM’s new song, “Alien Days,” can be viewed below.

The cassingle is available exclusively on Record Store Day, April 20 2013. For a full list of exclusives and participating stores, visit Record Store Day’s official website here.

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