MUSIC VIDEO: Tera Melos – “Bite”

Tera Melos

My neighbors are blasting Phil Collins out of their apartment with their windows open so I’m blasting Tera Melos into my brain. Their newest album, X’ed Out, just dropped yesterday via Sargent House and it’s been on repeat here for us since that very moment. It’s ridiculously good and you should buy the hell out of it.

The Sacramento, CA math rockers just released the video for “Bite,” and it’s surrealistic greatness directed by Behn Fannin. Donning Guitar Hero instruments, colorful wigs, latex dresses and creepy make-up, the Melos men rock out in an animated room with all kinds of acid trip-like shit going on. You should just watch it to get the experience. Basically, it’s the best music video you’ll see this week.

Check out the video for “Bite” after the jump and pick up a copy of X’ed Out at the Bandcamp link provided.

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