One Last Breath Part Ways With Drummer, Looking For Replacement

One Last Breath

The metalcore outfit known as One Last Breath have announced today that their drummer has decided to part ways with the band. They did not go into specifics, but they did indicate there is no bad blood between the members and they wish him luck on his endeavors. They also announced that they will be looking for a new drummer to replace him, and have asked that prospective musicians leave them a comment or send in a private message via Facebook. You can read the band’s entire statement by checking below the jump.

In the same post the band stated that they plan on recording a brand new EP which they hope to have released this summer. There will be additional updates on that progress in the upcoming months.

unfortunately our drummer Mike has decided to part ways with the band. although I don’t want to publicly disclose personal band matters, please understand that we respect his decision and there are no hard feelings between any of us. we had a lot of fun times and we’re glad that we had a chance to work with him. we wish him the best of luck with any future project he pursues.

with that being said, we will be searching for a new drummer. if you or someone you know is looking for a band, please post on our wall or send this page a private message.

in the meantime, we have decided to write a brand new EP with an expected summer release. it’s been an extremely long time since we’ve released anything substantial. with our previous EP ‘Drowning In Memories’ dating back to over 2 years ago and our single ‘Lost’ being a year and a half old, we are way over due for new music. please stick around for news and updates over the next few months regarding a new single and a release date for the EP!

thank you for your support and patience. I hope you are as excited as we are for this new chapter of One Last Breath.

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