REVIEW: Uh Huh Baby Yeah! – Trash Talk


Artist: Uh Huh Baby Yeah!
Album: Trash Talk
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Little Heart Records/Streaker Records

Louisville’s Uh Huh Baby Yeah! channels an interestingly catchy mixture of rough-around-the-edges post-hard and all-too-catchy pop-rock on their latest release, Trash Talk.

Trash Talk opens with “Dances With Wolves,” which spouts a clear and perfect example of this mixture. The track has a stupidly catchy chorus that explodes in the listeners’ ears, while the bridge of the song mirrors aggression not unlike a former Louisville artist, Emanuel (circa Soundtrack To A Headrush era, of course). The record continues to please as the single and standout number, “Dear Friends,” explodes in a whirlwind of sassy rock and roll. That’s right, sassy rock and roll. The song doesn’t exactly punch you in the face, more like a good, hard bitch slap.

Singer Kevin Fletcher has fantastic vocal delivery throughout the entire record. To put things into perspective, it is as though Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, Head Automatica) and Bert McCracken (The Used) had a love baby and it was adopted and raised by Ben Liebsch (You, Me, and Everyone We Know). Hence, the sassiness.  This exemplifies greatest during the closing number, “Ocean Of You.” The darkest track on the record, “Ocean Of You,” climaxes with Fletcher emotionally wailing, launching chills down the spine.

Trash Talk is an overall exciting listen. Despite having such a goofy name, Uh Huh Baby Yeah! have created a reputable and smooth release.  Without a doubt, Trash Talk is a step in the right (and sassy) direction.

Rating: 8.5/10

By Matthew Leimkuehler | @callinghomematt 

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