FALL IN LOVE: Lana Del Rey Debuts “Young And Beautiful”


Few things go together like a love for the past and the sultry vocals of Lana Del Rey, so it will likely come as little-to-no surprise that the pop songstress has a new track featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming theatrical adaptation of The Great Gatsby. That song, entitled “Young And Beautiful,” can now be heard in advance of its release right here on UTG.

It has been less than a week since we posted about Lana Del Rey releasing the video for her (amazing) cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine,” but I have to be perfectly honest when I say “Young And Beautiful” is a far superior track for Del Rey. While her cover of Nancy’s work was of the highest quality, there is no comparison when put against her original music. Del Rey finds a lonesome sense of soul in her lyrics, and the delivery throughout “Young And Beautiful” makes you fall in love with her while simultaneously wanting to coddle her and explain that the world is not as terrible a place as it may seem. It thematically fits perfectly with various elements of Gatsby, and you can enjoy it in its entirety by clicking below.

The Great Gatsby arrives in theaters next month. We will have a review of the film on UTG the day it hits theaters, as well as a feature on the soundtrack sometime around the film’s debut. Until that time, comment below and let us know your thoughts on “Young And Beautiful.”

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