Dispatch Announce Live Album With June Release


Super popular and super poppy indie rock band, Dispatch, have announced an upcoming live album. The release will be titled Ain’t No Trip To Cleveland: Vol 1, and come out on June 4.

It should be noted that Dispatch is a band known for their live albums, with fans often preferring live versions to studio versions (and certain songs, like “Cut It Ya Match It,” not having a studio version). The strange part? It’s Volume 1 with no insinuation of a Volume 2, and it is not indicated whether the album was recorded in Cleveland or if the band just has some general issue with taking trips there.

You can pre-order it here, and view the track listing after the break.

CD 1

1. Get Ready Boy
2. Open Up
3. Circles Around The Sun
4. Flying Horses
5. Beto
6. Passerby
7. Two Coins
8. Broken American
9. Prince Of Spades
10. Mother & Child Reunion
11. Josaphine
12. Walk With You
13. The General

CD 2

1. Con Man
2. Here We Go
3. Bats In The Belfry
4. Flag
5. Sign Of The Times
6. Bang Bang
7. Never Or Now
8. Melon Bend
9. Past The Falls
10. Feels So Good
11. Outloud
12. Valentine
13. Elias

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  • Ain’t No Trip to Cleveland is merely a reference to the Wes Anderson movie, Bottle Rocket. The songs are taken from live performances in 2011-2012 and none of them were recorded live in Cleveland. The only released song, Get Ready Boy, was recorded live at the Tabernacle in Atlanta in October of 2012.