Driver Friendly Set To Release New EP

Driver Friendly - Peaks + Valleys

Hopeless Records’ newer signees, Driver Friendly, have announced the release of their new EP entitled, Peaks + Valleys. While technically this EP doesn’t make it the band’s first official release on Hopeless Records, it is slated to include three new songs that have yet to be released.

About one year ago, Driver F changed their name back to their original and now current band name, Driver Friendly, and self-released the album, Bury A Dream. It wasn’t before long that Hopeless Records took notice of the band’s potential and claimed them as their own. Since the signing, Hopeless Records has released multiple digital singles of songs which were contained on, Bury A Dream. While it is common practice to re-release or reissue previously released material from newly signed bands, it seems as though the band and label may be stretching it just a bit.

Three of the six new songs scheduled to be on, Peaks + Valleys, are old tunes, which followers of the band have already heard for more than a year now. Whether or not their older songs were re-recorded, remixed, or remastered has yet to be noted, but it’d be great if the band and label would give us a little more than a mere three new songs in a years time span.

Either way you slice it, the positive to take from this is that Driver Friendly will indeed be releasing new material. The official track list and video teaser for the EP can be viewed after the jump. For pre-order info, visit the official Hopeless Records webstore here.

1. Run
2. I Can See Canyons
3. Ghosts
4. Messidona
5. Shark Cave
6. Let The Sun Come Up

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