Scale The Summit Preview Each Track From ‘The Migration’

STS The Migration

If Scale The Summit’s forthcoming album isn’t on your “best of 2013” radar, you’re goofin’, folks. Plain and simple. We’re still spinning 2011’s The Collective to this day and as much as we can’t get enough of it, we’ve been impatiently waiting for The Migration. Yes, we still have to wait until June 11. Don’t rub it in!

At least now, Scale The Summit have released a 6-minute preview via YouTube that contains snippets from each of the 10 glorious tracks. Did we mention that they’re glorious? Oh, yes, I just said that… Did you happen to hear the opening track, “Odyssey”?

You can stream the preview video after the jump, but if you’re interested in The Migration, as you should be, you may want to check out the few pre-order options that are left at their Prosthetic Records store. They’re going Usain Bolt. That means they’re going fast. Deal with it. After you check out the preview below, I triple dog dare you to try to tell us it doesn’t sound amazing. The guitar sound is incendiary. Incendiary.

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