BRING BACK THE 80s: Mark Wahlberg Would Reunite With The Funky Bunch To Benefit Boston Bombing Victims


Last month, TMZ gained a tiny of bit of traction running a story that The Funky Bunch would be willing to reunite with actor Mark Wahlberg in the future if he so desired. We didn’t run the story at the time because, to be honest, we didn’t necessarily find it surprising that a group who never took off without Marky Mark would be willing to welcome him back with open arms. That was, of course, before Wahlberg hinted that it could actually happen.

Leaving an appearance in Virginia earlier today, TMZ spoke with the Pain & Gain star briefly as he was making his way to his SUV. Following Wahlberg’s response to another reporter’s question about his feelings toward the events in Boston last week, a TMZ reporter followed by asking Mark if he would ever put on a one-time concert with his old group to benefit the people of Boston. Without a moment’s hesitation, Mark responded “Absolutely.” You can view the video of the interaction on TMZ.

What is the point of writing about Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch if we don’t share their biggest video, right? Click below to enjoy “Good Vibrations.”

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