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Skinny Lister first made a stateside splash appearing on the entirety of the Vans Warped Tour 2012, with performances on nearly every stage the traveling festival has to offer. From there they set off on a series of US and European tours alongside some of the biggest names in the pub-friendly folk punk world, signed with SideOneDummy, released their album Forge & Flagon, and just this past weekend made an appearance at the ever-popular Coachella Music Festival. Now the band are off on another string of US dates and UTG is bringing you all the action via a new, ongoing blog written by the band! Click below to read the second entry and check back in the coming days for future installments.

If you have yet to purchase Forge & Flagon, read our review from January and follow the links to add it to your collection. For live footage of Skinny Lister, click here for an exclusive UTG TV performance.

More LA Times…

It’s been a busy couple of days for the Skinnies! First port of call is to see our good friend Jimmy who makes the amazing Asbury Park Jeans.

He sorted the fellas out with jeans at Warped tour and he’s invited us to his showroom for more. Good guy! Everybody looks dapper and we go for a drink to thank him. He has stories to tell!

Next up it’s gig time. Feeling very nervous about this gig. All of the record label are there and the Drop Kick fans are notoriously hard to please. It’s a really fun show though…great to be playing with the likes of these guys. A LOT of fun meeting people at the Skinny shop afterwards but wow, was I hung over the next day.

Good job it’s an early(ish) start with a meeting at the record label to discuss the next album. All very exciting! Joe Sib and Bill Armstrong are so full of support and excitement. It’s great.

Once the meeting has finished we head over to a new radio show called KX935. Mookie the guy there is very cool and we have a lot of fun performing before heading to an amazing beach. It’s a little breezy but beautiful.

We stay there all of 30 mins before heading back to LA to go see Joe Sibb do stand up at the infamous Laugh Factory. We are not disappointed! In fact, on the way to Coachella now and my throat hurts from laughing so much…I nearly did this weird thing where I flip into real crying. That would have been embarrassing!

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