Escape The Fate Premiere “Live Fast, Die Beautiful” Featuring Caleb Shomo


Escape The Fate have posted a high quality performance video of a new song off their forthcoming album.

“Live Fast, Die Beautiful” debuted online today via a live clip from the deluxe edition of Ungrateful. The song and footage feature an appearance from Caleb Shomo (formerly of Attack Attack!), who adds a hefty dose of heavy to the proceedings. You can view the performance at the end of this post.

Overall, “Live Fast, Die Beautiful” is the strongest song to surface off Ungrateful up to this point. It was clear from the lack of cohesion on Escape The Fate’s last album that they were hungry for growth, and after hearing “Live Fast, Die Beautiful” it’s clear they now have a better understanding of their sound. Part punk, part rock, and all sorts of over-the-top at times, the key to Escape The Fate’s success is balance and “Live Fast, Die Beautiful” might as well be a praise-worthy tightrope walk.

Ungrateful hits stores May 14.

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