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The XX Stream Their ‘Great Gatsby’ Contribution, “Together”

Is it possible for another 2013 film to have more hype for its soundtrack than The Great Gatsby? No, that is a serious question. Is it at all possible? I feel like I can fully commit my love to this film, but maybe there is another seemingly perfect sonic journey awaiting me in another upcoming […]


WATCH: Wolves At Bay Village Basement Session

Connecticut rock band Wolves At Bay have started off the year busy. They have released a great EP, I Was The Devil Once, and found a new drummer in Chris Noel. They’re also about to take off on a brief summer tour . The band has now done a Village Basement Session, a series of acoustic videos for […]


New Beyoncé Song In The Form of H&M Advertisement

Coffee’s in our systems and a new Bey track is in our ears this morning. Mrs. Carter has a new summer collection launching soon via H&M and a video ad in support of said collection was recently released containing (what we’d assume to be a snippet of) a new track entitled “Standing On The Sun.” […]


Machine Gun Kelly Honors Eminem In Detroit

Cleveland bred rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, has a long legacy of incorporating the artists who inspired him into his live set. On Warped Tour 2012 he could be found adding the likes of Blink-182, Limp Bizkit, and more into his routine, and fans ATE IT UP. Seriously, covers have always been cool, but I’m not […]