The XX Stream Their ‘Great Gatsby’ Contribution, “Together”


Is it possible for another 2013 film to have more hype for its soundtrack than The Great Gatsby?

No, that is a serious question. Is it at all possible? I feel like I can fully commit my love to this film, but maybe there is another seemingly perfect sonic journey awaiting me in another upcoming motion picture I’ve yet to learn about. Either way, with a handful of snippets and couple of full tracks, after today it is safe to say the soundtrack for the upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby is going to leave you with your jaw on the floor.

Following the release of Lana Del Rey‘s contribution earlier this week, a new song from The XX entitled “Together” has found its way online ahead of the album’s official release. The song is a brooding, romantic tale of entanglement and passion that pulsates with brief moments of strings and synth highlighting an otherwise subtle atmosphere. You can stream the song below.

The soundtrack for The Great Gatsby arrives in stores May 7.

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