FLASHBACK: 7 Unforgettable AOL Undercover Sessions


Earlier today news broke over Twitter that Spinner and all of AOL Music would be shutting down. First impressions were that this would be a gradual change, but tweets sent from the Spinner account (which were later deleted) said that the plug was being pulled today. Spinner Editor Dan Reilly even tweeted, “Well, we all just got laid off. AOL Music is finished.”

We at UTG were as shocked as everyone else to learn of AOL Music’s downfall, and we quickly began reminiscing on their contributions to our scene over the years. Though they covered a wide variety of music, there was a time just over half a decade ago when they featured many of the bands we still write about in video series known as “AOL Session Under Cover.” Everyone from New Found Glory to the original lineup of Hit The Lights performed on this web series, and it was the first place many covers the bands later garnered praise for made their debut. We did a bit of digging and put together our 7 favorite performances as a thank you to the team at AOL Music for what they’ve given us over the years. You can enjoy those performances below.

If you have a favorite performance or other notable AOL Music media item you’re particularly fond of, comment below and share it with us. We know not everyone has hours to sit and watch videos, so we did our best to keep our list short with the knowledge there is much (much) more to enjoy.

Note: AOL got us good. These old videos don’t embed too kindly (who would’ve guessed!), so we were not able to put the titles above each clip. In order, here are the artists whose performances are featured:

1. Rise Against covering Buffalo Tom
2. Cobra Starship covering Michael Jackson
3. Saosin covering Cyndi Lauper
4. AFI covering David Bowie
5. MXPX covering Tom Petty
6. New Found Glory covering Peter Cetera
7. 30 Seconds To Mars covering The Police

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