STREAM: Andrew McMahon – “Learn To Dance”

Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon is back again with his new song, “Learn To Dance”.

“‘Learn to Dance’ was the first song recorded for The Pop Underground and in many ways it set the tone for the EP’s subject matter, as well as our approach in the studio,” Andrew told AOL Music, where the song is streaming exclusively.

Although the song has a bit more of an electronica element to it, unusual for McMahon considering his past projects, the song still has that catchy, sing-songy vibe that he’s known for. It’s surely worthy of many sing-alongs.

“Mark, the producer I’d just met, finally said, ‘I think we should write something brand new.’ He put up a beat, and it brought me out of my fog,” Andrew says. “I laid down the simple piano line you hear in the intro and this boozy, regretful lyric. It quickly turned into flashbacks from my childhood and glimpses into the future. In a lot of ways it’s about finding forgiveness and learning how to acknowledge the past in a way that lets you live in the present.”

Listen to “Learn To Dance” on AOL Music and let us know what you think of McMahon’s new track in the comments below. The Pop Underground is set for release on April 30.

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