EXCLUSIVE: Patterns Cover Nickelback’s “Animals”


North Carolina’s Patterns have been cutting their teeth in the underground scene since 2011, and today we are very excited to be helping the group premiere their cover of Nickelback’s tongue-in-cheek smash, “Animals.”

Taken from the 2005 album, All The Right Reasons, “Animals” was originally a driving, balls-to-the-wall rock song about hooking up in the backseat of a fast car. In their reinterpretation, Patterns have emphasized the rock elements of the song, making everything excessively heavier, and the results are as wild and fun as you could possibly imagine. You can stream their cover at the end of this post.

We’re usually quick to call bands that fall into the same sub-genre as Patterns as dismissable based on the liquidity of their sound, but something about Patterns helps them stand out from the pack. They have that indescribable quality to them that engages you from the first listen and pushes you towards future investment in their efforts. You not only want to hear more, but you want to know more as well, and that is where true connections with fans develop. This band is destined for big things, be it next month or half a year from now, and we highly encourage you to hop on the bandwagon now before they’re spending Summers on Warped Tour and headlining your local venue. Click here to learn more about the band and comment below to let us know your thoughts on their cover.

James Shotwell

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