MUSIC VIDEO: Falling In Reverse – “Alone”

Falling In Reverse 2013

Is there a correct way to start a post for possibly the worst song / video combination of 2013? No.

Falling In Reverse have launched their flashy music video for the single “Alone” and is taking rap rock to new lows. From driving Ferrari’s to having loads of half-naked girls dancing everywhere, FIR aim to ignite their new approach in the new year. The approach falls way short and makes these guys come off as desperate to catch onto what’s popular.

Fashionably Late will arrive on shelves June 18 through Epitaph Records.

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  • gavin

    you obviously dont understand what this band is about and has been through. ronnie also has rapped for a long time but never incorporated it into their music because he was concerned about people liking it. but now the band is opening up and dont really care what others think because his fans are all he needs to carry him on through his music. assholes like you just write reviews without knowing anything so shut the fuck up and listen to some of the stories and interviews before you write a review like this saying that they are desperate to catch on to whats popular.

  • This song is a musical abortion, RONNIE not be swayed by your friends RAPPERS, Your fans want to Ronnie before

  • gavin


  • leroy

    lol this review is perfect. ^^ but of course kids will still shove his cock down their throats and ignore the fact that this is just so disgustingly bad …

  • VGiles

    I already miss the original Falling in Reverse.

  • this is amazing. <3


  • Lol. Comments are disabled on the video.

  • pual

    Yeah you can see how much he’s been through by listening to his lyrics.

    “White boy on the beat rocking gucci sneak’s
    All I do is win, Charlie Sheen
    Started out on 06 now revive the scene
    So many mother fuckers wanna be like me

    Came from the lowest of the lows
    Rose to the top with a vision
    My haters talking shit while washing
    Dishes for a living

    Fucking bitches I’m on business
    I’ve been kissing on your mrs.
    What you spit in fifteen months is what I spit in fifteen minutes
    Oh! Don’t give a fuck about you
    I hear you talking motherfucker and there’s nothing you can do
    Bitch, you’re a bitch, don’t make me pull the pin
    (get the fuck up)!”

    He’s had a hard fucking life.

  • All I understood was the song is a musical abortion 0.0

  • By listening to the new Falling In Reverse song, I’ve determined that:
    1.) Ronnie’s apparently a Skrillex groupie
    2.) Ronnie STILL likes to talk about himself
    3.) They seem to be stuck in a transition faze between rock and hip-hop
    4.) The song sucks

  • svenja woodcock

    jesus christ what happened to this band loved the drug in me is you album.

  • Tomkins

    The album cover.

    After recording this album, Ronnie contemplates jumping out a window because he realized how god awful it will be. He then realizes that 13 year old girls will buy it and he will make lots of $$$$.

  • Megan

    I have been a fan of Ronnie’s for years now…. This song was pretty disappointing, but I’m hopeful the next song they release will be better

  • Rocknews
  • Ruby Johnson

    All i can say is that if Ronnie wants to rap, he should start a side project instead of trying to turn a decent rock band into…. This.

  • This was so bad. The chorus wasn’t awful, but the rapping…..just no. And this is coming from a kid whose favorite genre is rapcore.