Patrick Stump Destroys Heckler Shane Morris Over Twitter

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Fall Out Boy. Love them or hate them, everyone you know has an opinion about them, and they’re probably not too afraid to share it. In light of the band’s success with Save Rock And Roll one might think the bashing and unnecessary jabs would slow, or at least diminish, but that does not seem to be the case. Now, frontman Patrick Stump has taken to Twitter to call out one of his hecklers, and the results are destined to become internet legend.

Starting around 3:30 PM (EST) today, Stump began posting a series of tweets responding to comments he did not directly reference at first, but that clearly made him upset. He opened with, “I should be so lucky! I’m gonna tell you something: I’m a pretty nice guy. You’d probably like me. Allow me to make that impossible for you.” At this point Stump essentially became unhinged and let loose on this then-unidentified heckler. To prevent misunderstanding his comments, I’m going to embed the originals:

For those wondering what kind of an asshole you have to be to piss off Patrick Stump, click here to view Shane’s Twitter feed. People like this bring down the entire music industry. There is so much good in the world that there is no reason to harass anyone, let alone musicians, for failing to please you. Find something or someone else and hope for better results.

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