Daft Punk Talks “Get Lucky,” No Show Plans In Immediate Future

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It’s been nearly impossible to escape Daft Punk news as of late. With their highly anticipated album, Random Access Memories, on the horizon, the duo joined the Australian radio show, Triple J Radio, for an exclusive interview.

In the nearly 5-minute long interview, Guy-Manuel and Thomas discuss their new single, “Get Lucky,” and how the group currently has no shows or tours planned in support of the album. Daft Punk goes on to say, “We spent five years working on this record…that’s really the first step by releasing it is we’d like to have people experience the record as the focal point.”

While I’m sure the band will certainly play shows again in the near future, they made it clear that you shouldn’t start saving up your money for the “Random Access Memories World Tour” just yet. It’s common practice for artists to tour in support of a new album, but Daft Punk is cut from a different cloth. The group can get away with playing shows on their own schedule, and are still guaranteed to sell out the venue. However, there’s no need to get up in arms just yet. The album still hasn’t touched ground, and isn’t scheduled to until later this month.

In the meantime, check out the Triple J Radio interview, and single, “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers below.

Random Access Memories is due out May 21 via Columbia Records.

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  • I am so excited for the new album, it’s not even funny! Along with playing Get Lucky over and over, I have been tuning in to the Collaborators Series. Check out the newest episode! http://smarturl.it/DaftPunkRAM