REVIEW: You, Me, And Everyone We Know – I Wish More People Gave A Shit


Artist: You, Me, And Everyone We Know
Album: I Wish More People Gave A Shit
Genre: Punk, Indie, Rock
Label: Independent

Cynical and trite, You, Me, And Everyone We Know is back with a quick burst of punk rock on the latest EP, I Wish More People Gave A Shit. It appears YMAEWK mastermind Ben Liebsch left the passivity behind with this effort, bringing forth the most aggressive offering fans have heard since the bittersweet Some Things Just Don’t Wash Out. 

The record opens with a rightfully reflective track, “I’d Contribute More Dead,” which mirrors the YMAEWK of old, only with far more snarl. With lyrical contribution such as “put the nail in the coffin, I’ll be resting my head. An average male in America, I’d contribute more dead,” Liebsch leaves it all on the table. But, then again, after 7 years and 6 equally emotional releases under your belt, how can you hold anything back? This track does exactly what it should, sets the pace for 14 minutes of transparent honesty from a brief, but solid record.

I Wish continues with two tracks, “The Big Mistake,” and “Better Men,” both of which are satisfying for the experienced and novice YMAEWK listeners. Both tracks hit hard and have booming hooks, leaving the listener coming back for multiple listens (there’s even an appropriate and ravishing key change in there somewhere). “Better Men” is the more nostalgic listen of the two, containing a swell swing vibe throughout the duration. The song sways and screeches in the appropriate spots, which proves to be crazily addicting.

The closing number, “The Winds Won’t Change,” stands alone on many levels. Unlike the three previous tracks, this song is stripped…simply Ben and his uke. Short and to the point, it proves YMAEWK’s diversity (if it hadn’t been done so with past efforts). It is also a nice break from the completely in-your-face attitude of the music leading up to it. If YMAEWK didn’t think people gave a shit before, these 4 songs are more than enough reason to jump on board.

Stream the new record on Bandcamp now.

Rating: 9/10
Review written by: Matthew Leimkuehler

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