Lauryn Hill Is Doing A Show In Brooklyn, Then Going To Jail

Lauryn Hill 2013

Lauryn Hill has some strange career moves. The singer deliberately signed to Sony and released a single in an effort to make money to pay off debt and stay out of jail. She paid it off, but she is going to jail anyway.

Hill is slated to go to prison on July 8, so what is she doing with her final month? Doing one live show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. Tickets went on sale today; they are available here for a hefty price. According to her Twitter, the reason she’s doing a live show is because she wanted to play the new single, “Neurotic Society”, live. I don’t mean to question her, but let’s venture to guess that maybe money plays a role in it, too. At $85 a ticket, the price is more than four times what I paid for the last show at that same venue.

But hey, whatever doesn’t kill you softly makes you stronger.

Dan Bogosian

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize to all the janitors you've ever had. You hurt them. Seriously. You did.

But, now that we've cleared that up and you called your high school janitor, know that I quit being a janitor to pursue writing about music. So here I am, and here you are, and hey how are you?
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