Iron Man 3

This weekend’s box office results aren’t much of a surprise after last week’s incredible numbers. Just like last week, Iron Man 3 sits atop all of the others by a hearty estimated 70 million, but with less of a gap separating it and the current second highest grossing film, the star-studded The Great Gatsby, which has been predicted to pull in over 50 million in sales. Simultaneously, the other film that premiered this weekend, Tyler Perry’s Peeples, had a rather mediocre performance that could be blamed on the film’s competition.

Follow the jump to view the rest of this weekend’s box office numbers, which were provided by Box Office Mojo.

  1. Iron Man 3-72,000,000+
  2. The Great Gatsby – 51,000,000+
  3. Pain and Gain –5,000,000+
  4. Peeples – 4,850,000+
  5. 42 – 4,650,000+
  6. Oblivion – 3,850,000+
  7. The Croods – 3,600,000+
  8. The Big Wedding – 2,500,000+
  9. Mud – 2,340,000+
  10. Oz The Great and Powerful – 800,000+
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