Bad Rabbits Stream New Album ‘American Love’

Bad Rabbits 2013

A day ahead of its official US release, Boston’s Bad Rabbits have released a stream of their new album, American Love.

The first full length effort from Bad Rabbits, and only their second official release (following the beloved Stick-Up Kids EP), American Love combines elements of rock, pop, funk, and soul to create a unique listening experience that is unlike anything you’ve likely heard this year. Bad Rabbits have spent the past few years perfecting their sound, and it’s one that is truly theirs and theirs alone. The intensity, sensuality, and overall energy is engaging. We dare anyone to listen to a single song and resist playing the rest just for kicks. You can stream the album below, or at its official premiere over on

There is still plenty of time to pre-order American Love. If you like what you hear, click here and support Bad Rabbits’ takeover of pop music.

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  • SO. GOOD.

  • Anson Bischoff

    funny stuff. really tickles me.