Kevin Smith Finishes 137-Page ‘Clerks III’ Script


View Askew fans, rejoice! The return (and end) of your beloved convenience store employees is approaching faster than you know.

While the rest of us were busy trying to plan the perfect Mothers Day Sunday, Director Kevin Smith was typing away in his California home on what will become final feature film. After months of teasing, not to mention the one-time thought of turning it into a Broadway production, Smith completed his script to Clerks III and quickly took to Twitter to spread the news. He tweeted, “IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! First draft of CLERKS III is 137 pages. Plays like the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of the Clerks trilogy.” Attached to the messaged was an instagram of the completed script.

Smith has never been one to hold his tongue for too long as far as his upcoming projects are concerned, but he has been extremely quiet thus far when it comes to divulging the secrets of Clerks III. We last left Dante and Randall where they began, manning the register of their New Jersey based convenience store, so it will be interesting to see where Smith has them venture in their final tale. Further, what has become of Jay and Silent Bob? Has their time getting clean stuck? Do they still love The Jackson Five and know their dance better than two grown men should? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Clerks III hasn’t even begun production, so we cannot begin to guess when the final product will arrive in theaters. Smith has said he would like the film’s release to arrive on time for the twentieth anniversary of Clerks (October 2014), so we expect tour with a coinciding podcast will launch around then as well. Stay tuned for additional information as filming gets underway.

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