STREAM: Daft Punk’s new album, ‘Random Access Memories’

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If the video trailer teasing the first track off the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, wasn’t enough ear candy for one day, the public can now stream the entire album for free via iTunes.

The robot duo has been doing an excellent job of teasing the album up to this point in time. From 30-second Saturday Night Live commercials, to having the public debate whether or not the full version of, “Get Lucky,” was legitimate, the wait is finally over.

You can currently listen to Random Access Memories now through iTunes here. What do you think about the new album? Has it been worth all of the hype?

Comment and let us know what your thoughts are as we stream the new album together.

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  • Completely overrated and lacking any kind of originality in terms of pushing the electronic genre to new heights. If anything, they take us back to disco as if they wished it had never ended.

  • Billy Jean

    I agree with Dustin on this. I liked disco and have loved dance music in all its forms over the years. This is just not Daft Punk to me. I guess theres too much life in this music? I prefer the slow mo of “get Lucky” thats circulating around. I like it more than any RAM song including the original “get Lucky”. Come on Album 5!

  • The biggest letdown since I accidentally burst that bouncy castle. One track sounds like Gilbert O’Sullivan FFS!! Hype over substance. The Giorgio track is okay, though.

  • Thomas Brennan

    Basically the soundtrack to Drive. With a synthesizer and a voice box. I wish I liked it.

  • pete smith

    left feeling very unsatisfied from the whole album, heard the two talking about the music on triple J kind of seems like they can see the meaning in the music but there’s no point to deep meaningful music if it still sounds crap : (

  • Leah Daubs

    is it 2007 all over again? too bad.