STREAM: Coke Bust – “Iron Spiral”


One of the fastest bands out of Washington, DC, hardcore band Coke Bust released a new song today titled “Iron Spiral.” Just under a minute in length, the song has the signature Coke Bust feel: fast and most certainly pissed.

“Iron Spiral” is the first song to come off of Coke Bust’s newest full-length, Confined, which comes out this Summer on Grave Mistake Records.

Coke Bust is also heading out on tour all over the world this Summer, first in the USA, then in Europe. Coke Bust is one of the hardest working bands in the hardcore scene right now, so if you like what you hear, check them out at one of their many dates all Summer.

Check out “Iron Spiral” and some tour dates after the break!


June 13 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Magrudergrind, Unholy Thoughts, Hard Stripes, Meth Lab
June 14 – Atlanta, GA @ Under the Couch w/ Dead in the Dirt, Snakes, Fever Dreams
June 15 – Gainesville, FL @ Boca Fiesta w/ Captive Bolt, Radiation, Tedious Reality
June 16 – Miami, FL @ Churchill’s w/ Holly Hunt, Awkward Kisser
June 17 – Tampa, FL @ Epic Problem (Transitions Skate Park) w/ Traitor Crucifix
June 18 – Tallahassee @ The Ghazi House w/ No Exit, Webcam Teens
June 19 – New Orleans, LA @ Fairgrounds Coffee House w/ Bloody Mummers
June 20 – Houston, TX @ Mangos w/ Impalers, Oath of Cruelty, Black Coffee
June 21 – San Antonio, TX @ TBA w/ Chest Pain, Kruds, Scumacide
June 22 – Austin, TX w/ Mindless, Guilt, xoffedx, Chest Pain
June 23 – Dallas, TX w/ Mindless
June 24 – El Paso, TX w/ Mindless, Sick Breath, Hypatia, Low Culture, Low Point
June 25 – Phoenix @ WALLSTREET w/ Mindless, Magnum Force, Perditus, Berith
June 26 – Tijuana, MEXICO! @ Revolution Bar w/ Calafia Puta, Teenage Kicks, Injury
June 27 – Pamona, CA @ Alladin’s Jr. w/ Punch, Holy, La Bella, Stresscase, Headwind
June 28 – LA, CA @ 501 S Ave 17 w/ Despise You, ACxDC, To the Point
June 29 – Berkeley, CA @ GILMAN [This is not a Step Fest]
June 30 – San Jose, CA @ House of the Dead Rat w/ In Disgust, Secret People, Slag
July 1 – Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge w/ Big Eyes, Growing Stronger, Flesh Lights, Drug Culture
July 2 – Vancouver, BC @ Zoo Zhop w/ Growing Stronger, Obacha, Out of Sight
July 3 – Olympia, WA w/ Growing Stronger
July 4 – Boise, ID @ The Wavepop House
July 5 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Salt Haus w/ Youth Choir, Relentless Approach
July 6 – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Negative Degree, Civilized, Rsnn
July 7 – Kansas City, MO @ Bad House
July 8 – Minneapolis, MN
July 9 – Milwaukee, WI @ Cocoon Room w/ Tenement, Short Walk, Milorganaut, Lifes
July 10 – Chicago, IL
July 11 – Toronto, ON
July 12 – Boston, MA @ Elk’s Lodge

European Tour – Contact Flo –

July 15 – Reykjavik, Iceland
July 16 – Bremen, Germany
July 17 – Hamburg, Germany @ Ms Hedi
July 18 – Malmö, Sweden
July 19 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Dödsmaskinen
July 20 – Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia – Refuse Records Fest 20th Anniversary Festival w/ Vitamin X, Hounds of Hate, Violent Reaction, Stay Hungry and more
July 21 – Münster, Germany @ Cafe Lorenz
July 22 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OCCI
July 23 – Paris, France @ La Miroiterie w/ Youth Avoiders, Bacon Fudge, Los Valientes
July 24 – Offenburg, Germany @ Kessel
July 25 – Prague, Czech @ Pre Fluff fest w/ Enough, Agent Attitude, +More
July 26 – Rozykany, Czech @ Fluff Fest
July 27 – Helsinki, Finland @ Puntala Rock Festival
July 28 – Tampere, Finland @ Puntala Rock Festival Aftershow
July 29 – Monza, Italy @ CS Boccaccio
July 30 – Balogna, Italy @ Freakout Club
July 31 – Padova, Italy @ Seven Live
August 1 – Vienna, Austria @ TBA
August 2 – Žilina, Slovakia @ Bullwar Bar w/ Boiling Point
August 3 – Warsaw, Poland @ Refuse Records Fest 20th Anniversary Festival w/ ANCHOR + More
August 4 – Krakov, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat
August 5 – Leipzig, Germany @ Zoro
August 6 – Dresden, Germany
August 7 – Darmstadt, Germany

For more information about the tour, check it out here.

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