Ronnie’s Wife Denies Claims About Ronnie Leaving FIR


There’s been a lot of buzz around Pup Fresh’s news article claiming that Ronnie walked out on Falling In Reverse due to their shows not selling out. While so far we have not heard from the band, Ronnie or their record label, Ronnie’s wife, Crissy Henderson, has taken to Twitter to deny the allegations. There’s been a lot of angry words back and forth, so we’ve taken the time to sort out some of the tweets and posted them below the jump for you to read.

From what we’ve gathered, Pup’s “source” is merely a fan of the band, and doesn’t actually have any ties with any of the members. When they were pointed out to be the source, that person quickly denied any involvement and others chimed in to state they had no connection with the band except they played COD with Derek Jones. Read below and let us know what your thoughts on the situation are.

We’ve reached out to a number of official sources and are waiting to hear back on what’s really going on. We’re only interested in reporting news, not spreading false rumors.

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  • wp_rathead

    so basically it was aloud of shite made up by some eejit on twitter?

  • Kriston McConnell

    Well as of right now we’re not sure exactly what happened. I don’t think Pup Fresh would go around posting fake news stories. I do believe someone said something to them to make them believe what they wrote. Now, whether or not the information given to them was actually true is a whole different thing. It doesn’t help that no one official, i.e. the record label, the band, Ronnie, has said anything either way. That could be for one of two reasons (I think) 1. this is giving them a lot of press so they are just letting it run out or 2. it’s true, and they’re working on a statement. That’s just my thoughts though because at this point I don’t think anyone but the band really knows what’s going on.

  • I think we should all just wait till the label or band post a tweet or something before we all jump to there not a band anymore. Also if Ronnie is a dad congrats man.

  • Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if this is all true Ronnie has always been a scum bag and no matter how much he claims to change he never does. Can’t wait for an official source

  • At this point it doesn’t really matter to me if he did it or not. Just the fact that people think it could be true says enough about the person Ronnie is.

  • LexyJhade

    Are you kidding? PupFresh is all bullshit.

  • fmlwithoutmusic

    Does it even matter? Its just Ronnie Radke anyways, he’s always getting into drama and shit like that. It’s nothing new.