RUMOR: Ronnie Radke Walks Out On Falling In Reverse


Pup Fresh has posted some exclusive information on Ronnie Radke possibly walking out on the band he started, Falling In Reverse. Apparently Ronnie has deleted all of the tweets from his Twitter account, which you can see for yourself, here. Not really sure what the motivation behind that would be, but it probably means something.

Pup Fresh has a trusted source who has been communicating with them this evening, letting them know the details of what’s been going on. You can read what they told Pup Fresh by taking a look below the jump.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some more updates, and we will be sure to let you know once we hear more!

Update: Article on Ronnie’s wife denying claims.

I’ve been texting one of the members all night, and this is what I’ve gathered:

Ronnie got pissed that the shows on Falling In Reverse’s upcoming tour didn’t sell out and walked out on the band. It was never about Crissy and him having a kid. Ronnie will continue to do Warped Tour this year but with a whole new band.

For what it’s worth, all the money from the new album will go to Ronnie and only Ronnie. He also took all the merch sales from past tours too and kept the profits.

The former members are also concerned that Jacky Vincent may be deported because he is in the United States on a work visa, and with being fired from FIR, he’s out of a job.

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  • EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP! Maybe if you guys stop judging things this quick maybe we could have a fucking chance of If he actually is leaving the band or its JUST A FUCKING RUMOR!

  • Sorry but if this is true than we can judge him all we want. He has ZERO right the all the royalties. The band deserves their share as well. You may support his band mates but he sure as fuck could care less about them.

  • Sorry but kicking people out of a show for wearing I See Stars shirts and stealing royalties makes him scum.

  • Trust me people have hated him long before this. This is just being added the many list of reasons to hate him. Stealing money from I See Stars, throwing mic stands into crowds, kicking people out for wearing I See Stars shirts, etc. He belongs on Toddlers and Tiaras and a contestant.

  • This is all a lie, there is more information on this :/ The owner of Pupfresh is a fan and has no ties with the band what so ever.

  • James Orchard

    ronnie has not left the band it was all a lie by pup fresh. ronnie’s girlfriend confirmed that falling in reverse haven’t split up

  • deadmedium tapes

    thank god. i might be late to the game but i just heard falling in reverse about a week ago (i don’t listen to bullshit music like this). falling in reverse are everything that is wrong with music crammed into a single fucking band. they have absolutely nothing to do with the genres that they claim to be or influenced by. this is so far removed from real punk or metal, this is pop music for pussies who think they have an edge. if they really broke up, it would make my day. epitaph always put out “punk” shit that was a little silly, outside of bad religion, but they never seemed to reduce themselves to put out pure unadulterated bullshit. fuck falling in reverse, and fuck epitaph records.

  • Who would want to be in a band with this greedy idiot? I’d be too afraid of getting everything stolen from me that I worked hard for!

  • just get a new lead singer theres plenty of guys out there who could take his place the record label should have tryouts or some shit all over

  • no publicity’s bad publicity……

  • idgaf

    I had such big respect for Ronnie back in his ETF days but now he seems like a complete prick. Everything went down hill when he left ETF…

  • I like he’s music but god damn Ronnie What the Fuck are you doing!!!! Stay with a band dude. Don’t stop bro keep pressing on with what you started no hate.

  • Sabrina

    Wow, God forbid Ronnie have morals. He recognizes that he had a very difficult past and he doesn’t want people around that could potentially bring around something that will send him straight back onto the path he was on. That is very well known so it’s I See Stars’ own fault. They were disrespectful to his request so he has every right.

  • Sabrina

    Seriously? No…they were only going to PLAY ON STAGE with them. Why on earth would they possibly be talking to the band that headlined the tour they were on? Oh my goodness, this is SOOO unrealistic! Not to mention, why would you post something to begin with that has “information” coming from a source that has proven multiple times that they are unreliable and completely full of it just for attention? Way to stoke the fire. Ronnie isn’t the douche bag Pup Fresh is making him out to be. He has made mistakes in his past and we are holding it against him because Crissy *GASP!* went into labor a little early which is perfectly normal and he wants to be a real man and father and be there for his kid? Come on!

  • Sabrina

    FYI, he didn’t LEAVE Escape The Fate. Feel free to research. After the desert fight, Ronnie pleaded guilty to his part and went through rehab. Following his return, Max almost immediately offered Ronnie drugs and it sucked him back in. He was on probation and anything you read will say he was arrested for not checking in but Ronnie said he went to jail when the other band members set him up on a drug bust. Either way, he didn’t leave. He was forced out.

    Regardless, you respected Ronnie when he was always stoned and ruining his life and now that he is doing his best to keep clean and surround himself with good people and, now, be a good father to his child…you don’t respect him? Oh okay. I can see that….except not really. What are you thinking?! I’ve lost my faith in humanity. Let’s all just kill ourselves on coke and meth and screw everyone we meet because that’s apparently the only way to earn respect these days.

  • Sabrina

    Oh hey man, I was unaware you are such great friends with Ronnie and suddenly have facts. Please tell us all about how Ronnie told you this is true. No really….

    We’re waiting….

  • Sabrina

    My favorite part about this freak out is the people complaining about Ronnie kicking I See Stars off of their touring and then kicking out the kids wearing the T-shirts. Are any of you actually fans of FIR? Have you actually listened to anything Ronnie has said, instead of rumors from people with a grudge? Ronnie has a history of drug addiction and, while I don’t personally find it to be a gateway drug, even weed could put him down that road again. He obviously knows this and it has shown when he has said (many times!) that he doesn’t want people who live that lifestyle around him. What did they think would happen? The entire band was arrested for drug possession while touring with FIR. No shit they were kicked off the tour. As for the kids with the I See Stars shirts, they support a band that got kicked off the tour and you can be sure they knew prior to attending so one can only assume they wanted to make a statement. Shame on Ronnie for making a statement in return.

    Ronnie isn’t a bad guy. This is all crap. I’m proud of the person he has become. I first saw him perform in ETF back in Feb. 2007, and I’ve been a dedicated fan ever since. When I heard he was in jail, I immediately went to the heart of the matter by finding Ronnie’s side of the story. Not because I favored him over the other members at the time, but because when I read the article about the break up in Alternative Press magazine, I could tell they were full of crap. Ronnie did an interview from prison and I listened to every bit of it. That was when I decided I wouldn’t tolerate ETF. They were backstabbers. He has spent his time since then bettering himself.

    Everyone is judging him unfairly, based strictly on his past. He is a sober, happy father-to-be. He has made mistakes, but he has also been the victim of numerous lies. He’s asked before that fans of FIR not believe anything the media shells out about them unless it is confirmed by the band personally. If any of you are fans, remind yourself of that. I doubt we’ll hear from Ronnie until after his child is born. He is spending this time being with his pregnant wife and future child. Let him be the man he is trying to be. Guys, could you imagine being on a business trip and hearing your wife went into early labor and when you leave to be with her, vicious rumors are spread about you and causes you to lose important clients? It would horribly ruin what is supposed to be a happy time for your family. Let it rest!

  • brittany deleon

    )): hope he is making the right desision…….

  • Darkamlight

    He is going to be a dad. ;)

  • Allis

    NO HE CAN’T!!!!!!! I’M GONNA CRY!!!! He is amazing! Falling In Reverse is my favorite band!!!

  • amathy

    lol metal roots

  • Amanda Harbath

    Ummm could just be a publicity stunt because of the new album comming out. DUH! Think about it……. its working everyone is talking about Ronnie, FIR, and the new cd, its working!

  • Tavo Garcia

    This isnt true they are gettin the infomation from a supposed trusted source if this was true y the hell wont the actual person from the band come and say the truth on his twitter or facebook unlike the actual sourcw from ronnies twitter that he left due to his wife being pregnant and havin the kid. And plus pup fresh is a rumor site along with fact that ronnie couldnt afford to lose fans so it would be unreasonable to do something like this

  • Jake

    lol next axl rose….

  • jeff

    I hate that this its what it became. He was doing so good. Sadly this shit happens. I wish ronnie would come tohis senses. He has nice vocals. He should give the fans whayt they Want. We dont know for sure if this is true or not. I hope this is not the case.

  • danterules680

    Are you aware that he made them play shows in which they got no money and he got it all? Oh and the fact that he started to kicked anyone out from the shows who was wearing an I See Stars t-shirt….it was never about his past it was just a way of him getting more money

  • i think she’s cool. lol. it’s true we should all fully understand something before judging. but you didn’t get the story totally correct… he didn’t kick them out from the i see stars show just because of that. and he said he wanted to overcome his substance abuse so he didn’t want to associate with i see stars.. you just have to understand his obstacles. & the microphone stand thing.. yeah it was a bummer but i’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to hurt his fans or the crowd. we all do things without thinking twice..

    Ronnie has been through a bunch of shit. he gets out and wants to continue his life as it was. he is not in the same band, he still wants to be successful. if it’s not, of course he’s going to be shattered. his life has been turned upside down. his talent and passion is in the music industry and i just hope he gets where he wants. he’s fuckin good. and he loves it. yes, a shit load of people still love him too, he just has all these obstacles now that he has to fight but he can do it. i feel bad for all the shit he has to carry or deal with atm. it’s not all his fault either. …

  • Zev Zevron Higginbottom

    It’s a rumor and its not true, please people look into a rumor before you start throwing death threats and abuse at people.

  • ZombieAids ;-;

    Okay, Honestly I don’t think Ronnie is at all walking out on FIR, Tell me please why in god’s name would he walk out on a band that he started after being replaced in his old one. Ronnie has worked way too damn hard to walk out on something he worked so hard for. Also, why would he just walk out after they made a new album. Just dosent make sence.

  • Cameron Archer

    Can you see from your head being so far up his ass? Geez you sound ridiculous, the show they got kicked off of was their fucking HOMETOWN show 75% of those kids where there for i see stars (excluding 12 year old scenie weenies). Why go to such great lengths to defend him? If this is true too then fuck him the only good thing he did was with etf anyway. Hahaha ETF new CD is way fucking better than FIR anyday of the week now

  • Cameron Archer

    Sabrina have you ever been in a show? Not to one IN one, I have and ots very possible he could’ve talked to them.

  • Cameron Archer

    Can he do a damn thing wrong to you? Damn9 this is the third one from you i have seen defending him like this.. let it go hes fucked up a lot everyone knows it. I personally dont give a shit about him anymore because of the i see stars incident you completely defended. I would’ve been on your side if i was completely oblivious to the greedy bastard part where he took all their profits just so they could keep their fans happy and stay on the tour what part they did before kicking them off again.

  • Cameron Archer

    If he wasnts to be there for his childs life he needs to stop being a touring musician..

  • Cody Mincer

    fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake

  • ???

    Yea i agree cause all ronnie wants is fucking money. thats bull shit! Ronnie you need too groew up and realize that the worlds not so fucking perfect JUST LIKE U!!

    oh and yea i feel bad for his kid too. -.-

  • ???

    Yea true. I cut Ronnie slack wit the warped tour and his baby. So i agree. Stupid ass kids are so fucking quik to judje…-.-

  • ???

    and so pyramid head can kill them!!! ha ha ha!

  • shirley

    why would you guys say such things about him ? everyones fuks up more than once stop acting like innocent people .he’s been through alot and he’s trying to change. his new album is pretty good in my opinion .The songs are mostly about his feelings so just let him be .I really hope he comes back.

  • shirley

    you people need to understand he’s under lots of stress. it’s not easy running a band and having a kid .give him a break

  • It was my favourite word when I was 8 too…..

  • Devin Cousino

    Ronnie’s just a wife beating, child molesting cunt

  • jess

    how do you explain him taking all the profits

  • Ivy Suicide

    He is having a daughter you DUMBFUCK!
    and personally I believe Ronnie DIDNT kick anyone out. All ALTERNITIVE PRESS is doing is starting drama with the fans of FIR and if you believe this shit then your all a bunch of fuck ups~

  • Ivy Suicide

    okay, this pisses me off! I know a lot of people don’t know the true story, But honestly Falling in reverse DID NOT brake up! I went to their show before Ronnie excused himself from tour because his wife’s having contractions, guess what. RONNIE IS STILL IN FIR! THE WHOLE BANDS TOGETHER Fuck have a common decency to ask Ronnie and the guys himself! Have Satan on you mother fuckers~

  • LexyJhade

    But like this is the most bullshit rumor I’ve ever heard. Ronnie said in an interveiw just a few days ago that this was all false. Falling in Reverse is still a band, and Ronnie is not taking all of their money. I don’t know who cam up with this bull, but it’s not true.

  • trust

    lets not jump to conclusions… maybe’s hes just having a moment.

  • James

    now that everyone knows its not true I bet you all feel like idiots now