Birdman Talks About Signing Paris Hilton To Cash Money Records

paris hilton 2013

Among all of the crazy music industry updates we have heard lately, nothing really matches up to the disturbing news of Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman signing heiress Paris Hilton. He recently opened up to The Los Angeles Times about signing Hilton to a major deal.

Excuse us while we take a second to ready the puke bucket.

“Controversy and all of that, it works for your benefit,” he said. “[Her Cash Money deal] being so talked about shows the strength of her popularity. I’m very excited. I’m very appreciative that she’s part of the team. She’s very talented, and a beautiful young woman.”

Regarding her artistic talent, Birdman said “She played us music, and I was taken aback. I was impressed by her music, and I didn’t know she could sing so well. It’s on the EDM side, I want to let her do what she wants as an artist. We’re going to support it.”

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