Kendrick Lamar Opposes Molly Trend

Kendrick Lamar 2013

There have been many artists in the rap world hopping on board with the Molly trend but Top Dawg Entertainment’s own Kendrick Lamar is openly opposing it.

Lamar sat down with MTV’s Sway the other day to briefly discuss what is wrong with this drug. His main point being that he wants to “keep hip hop original and push away the corniness.”

If you viewed Kendrick’s new video for “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” through the end, you will find a black screen with white lettering spelling out “Death to Molly.” Watch and enjoy by heading right here. Pick up the exceptional new album, titled good kid, m.A.A.d city, right now if you have not done so.

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  • Someone educate me here please, what is this Molly trend?

  • Zenfluence

    Pretty sure he’s referencing how like 20+ rappers (known/obscure) have been releasing “Molly” (pure form of MDMA) themed songs the last few months.

  • Oh gotcha, thanks for the heads up!