ALBUM STREAM: Sleeping With Sirens – ‘Feel’

Sleeping With Sirens 2013

Sleeping With Sirens have partnered up with their label to stream their entire third full-length album, Feel, for free. You can listen to the title track by taking a look below the jump, click on the YouTube button to hear all the songs.

So far the band brags guest appearances by Matty Mullins, Fronz and Machine Gun Kelly. What do you think about the album? Let us know!

Be sure to pre-order your very own copy of the album if you haven’t already.

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  • This is what I FEEL.

    I’ve loved and supported SWS from day 1, and still do. I also gave the
    album a good listen 6 times over so I’m not just posting a review without
    knowing what I am reviewing.

    I honestly did not “FEEL” this album. I think it
    is their worst release they’ve ever done. The acoustic EP, lets cheers to this
    and WETSAETH were perfect masterpieces and amazing works of art!!!! D:

    Musically it is lazy; they changed from their heavy post
    hardcore sound which everyone has grown to love and went to a more generic,
    lighter rock sound (with the occasional heavier part). Many of the songs are
    very catchy, and heavily relay on choruses. I think this change of sound was
    not sleeping with sirens growing as a band, but to fatten their wallets and to
    get on the radio.

    Lyrically it is not
    THEM either. They never use to curse so much. Kellen has sung “d**n” a few
    times and “bull s***” one other time in the course of all sws’s releases (not
    counting the f**k you cover). But in feel they say all of the above and the F
    bomb is dropped quite a few times too. They never had sexual content either
    like on (Dajavu). Nor did they act cocky
    and like they’re the best (The best there ever was)

    Now, it’s not that I
    care about cursing, or sexual content or any of that. What bothers me about
    this is the fact that they have not established themselves as that kind of
    band. They were the band who had positive lyrics which has helped many people
    though their struggles and hard times in life, saying “Don’t give up because
    you’re losing (Hold on)” and the like. A few songs are good on feel, but none
    are as good nor have the heart of any from the previous albums.

    So when you put it all together, it seems as if sleeping
    with sirens has lost touch with who THEY are. It seems like they made this CD
    not for us fans, but for SALES and to get on the radio. Why would they suddenly
    change to an easier sound? Post-hardcore is rarely (if ever) played on public
    BIG radio stations and is less accepted among the general population. I predict
    feel will sell more than their other albums and gain them much popularity in
    the mainstream music scene. I could also see them play on live TV now too.

    At this rate, their next CD will be completely different
    100%. No similar meaningful lyrics or any screaming (even in the
    background). At the moment it seems
    sleeping with sirens is pursuing money
    and fame, not saving lives with music.

    I’m not saying feel is not enjoyable, it is pleasant to the
    ear and there are a few goo songs on it. But if you take a deeper look as I
    have, you’ll see more has changed besides the sound…

    R.I.P Sleeping with sirensLeave a message…

  • Zane Peter Parker Riojas

    THANK YOU!!! That’s exactly what I “FEEL” pun intended :3

  • forfrosne

    Completely agree.

  • Kriston McConnell

    I think you pretty much nailed it. It sounds like Kellin has some beef and he’s using the band to get it off his chest. While I do like a few songs, overall the album isn’t very impressive. It’s a shame too, they are talented and he’s obviously a talented musician – they just took a step in the wrong direction. I hope if they decide to make more music that they go back to their roots and make something really memorable.

  • Yeah, that is what I’m hoping too….