MOSH: The Word Alive Debut “Life Cycles” Video

UTG friends The Word Alive have released the official video for their latest single, “Life Cycles.”

There are a million ways to go about making a music video, especially if the song you’re working with can be interpreted in as many ways as the music of The Word Alive. If you had to sum up their work in one word, that word would be “hope,” and that is exactly what permeates the mind and thoughts of listeners whenever their music is heard. “Life Cycles” is no different, boasting a passionate plea to chase what you believe in or risk living a life unfulfilled, and its energy is perfectly captured in this beautifully shot and edited performance video. You can view the clip at the end of this post.

Speaking with RockSound back in 2012, frontman Tyler “Telle” Smith discussed the history and inspiration for the song. He wrote:

“Tony wrote this song and it was also one of the last songs to be written for Life Cycles. He wanted it to be an anthem, and at first I didn’t really grasp the way I should perform vocally on it. It wasn’t until a late night sitting with our booking agent JJ and good friend Ash Avildsen of Sumerian Records that the true form of the song was found. Ash and JJ had me singing to them until 6am, and told me to sing it until they believed it. The end result is what you hear. We broke down the lyrics to their core, and accented the most powerful parts of the song vocally. I am really proud of this song, and how it turned out. From the start of the song, ‘I’d rather die for what I believe, than live a life without meaning’, you know this song is going to make you feel something. I hope everyone likes it as much as we all do.”

Life Cycles is available now wherever music is sold. If you have not picked up the album yet, stop by iTunes and make your day exponentially better.

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    Incredible Music Video! Enough said.