The Dangerous Summer Release New Non-Album Track

The Dangerous Summer

After releasing two incredible full length albums in the past, Dangerous Summer fans and critics are waiting in anticipation for the release of their new album. AbsolutePunk reports that the band began teasing the album by releasing an instrumental non-album track, entitled “Hemingway,” via their SoundCloud page.

The instrumental track contains a vocal sample during its intro, while bass, guitar, and a wall of spacey reverb guitar build on top of each other. There has yet to be an explanation as to what exactly this track is. Was it a throw away idea? Is this recording from the same sessions where the new album was recorded? Many of the questions have yet to be answered, but there’s enough evidence here to get you excited for their third LP.

You can check out the instrumental track, “Hemingway,” below.

What do you think of the track? Is it enough to get you amped for the new album? Comment below, and let us know your thoughts.

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