EXCLUSIVE: Adam Green Teases Releasing ‘Hatchet’ Trilogy As Single Film


The Boston Marathon bombings have brought many fundraising events to the city of Boston, and last night was the biggest to date. Not only was the internationally broadcast “Boston Strong” event taking place at TD Garden, but just down the street myself and over a hundred additional horror fans showed up to support our city at the first-ever Hatchet Marathon, which culminated in the world premiere of Hatchet 3. Director Adam Green and Victory Crowley himself (Kane Hodder) asked that we keep the movie’s secrets under wraps, but we do have one juicy tidbit to share that will surely get fans excited.

During last night’s marathon, Green would appear on stage between films with various cast members to reflect and discuss the story behind each film. Fans learned about all the trouble with the release of Hatchet 2, as well as how Adam created the idea of Victor Crowley when he was just 8-years-old, but the real golden moment came just before Hatchet 3 made its debut. Keeping details sparse, Green told the packed theater he plans to one day release the complete Hatchet trilogy as a single, epic feature film. He added the new cut would also include new sequences which were left out of the previous films, including at least one additional death scene intended for the original.

Before you get too excited, Green was quick to add that the likelihood of this project coming to life anytime soon is unlikely. In addition to having to find time in his already hectic schedule that includes Killer Pizza and Holliston promotion, Green noted how dealing with Anchor Bay owning Hatchet and Dark Skies owning Hatchet 2 & 3 would likely make the process difficult as well.

Without giving anything away, I can say now that Hatchet 3 works beautifully as both a sequel and closing chapter in the saga of Victor Crowley. Should Green actually find time to create this giant feature, everything except the change of the leading actress between the first two films would flow smooth as butter. We’ll keep you updated if any new details surrounding this project are confirmed.

Hatchet 3 opens in theaters and on VOD June 14.

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