Ronnie Radke Says Falling In Reverse Are Not Breaking Up


Rumors have been flying that failed rapper Ronnie Radke (OK, so that’s not what he is, but did anyone actually click the link to this article because they actually like his work as a musician? Alright, then) had walked out on his band, Falling In Reverse. His wife denied this, but the singer had not commented on the matter officially until today, when he did in an exclusive with Alternative Press.

Radke admits he has an anger problem and is an artist, so says that’s why “(he’s) crazy.” In all, it seems like a very remorseless apology for mistreating fans and tour mates. The main point to take, though, is that Falling in Reverse never ended, Ronnie was just mad and an artist who loves the people he works with. He opens the video by stating “I’m just glad people care enough to love me or care enough to hate me.” Based on this, can we all agree that this should stop being a thing? I want this to stop being a thing.

He even seems to aim directly at UTG and PupFresh by wishing that the internet wasn’t so “filled with hate,” and while the comments on reviews at UTG seems to show that haters are in fact going to hate, I would suggest that Ronnie might be suffering from backlash that comes with being, you know… a famous person who actively does horrible things to many different people in public places. Maybe that has something to do with it? It’s hard to tell.

You can watch the video statement here after the break, though it’s likely not going to be a fun time unless you actively enjoy hearing about Falling In Reverse’s musical growth and Radke’s understanding that throwing things at fans is not the appropriate way to act at a concert.

Dan Bogosian

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize to all the janitors you've ever had. You hurt them. Seriously. You did.

But, now that we've cleared that up and you called your high school janitor, know that I quit being a janitor to pursue writing about music. So here I am, and here you are, and hey how are you?
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  • DanBogosianisanidiot

    (OK, so that’s not what he is, but did anyone actually click the link to this article because they actually like his work as a musician?) yes.

  • Madison Luke

    ummm… I did click the link because I like falling in reverse and ronnie

  • Guest

    yeh i like his music , stop twisting everything he says, you are utter prick

  • davidv1

    yeh i did come here because i like his music and stop twisting everything he says

  • johnny

    this guy needs to do the world a huge favor and kill himself already

  • Ivy Suicide

    Exactly, whomever wrote this article saying hes a ‘Failed rapper’ is because they are Jealous of his crazy skills *Thinks*
    Ivy Marie Suicide<3~

  • Jennifer Rebecca

    Wrong!! I Love Ronnie and have witnessed his trials and tribs..along with ETF members who didn’t get justice served upon them! I conclude that Ronnie excelled by way of perseverance! Least he’s Still so very intellectual and he can jam..! His vocals are a window to my soul

    Jenn – former las Vegas resident and former friends of SAskiA Lorraine and Riley.

    Ronnie came through for himself n his fans, overcoming opiates hardest

    thing to accomplis ever!

    dependentcy is harder than you knoe dependency is the root of evil

  • johnny

    you’re clearly almost as big of an idiot as he is, good luck with that.

  • David

    band is ass

  • David

    100% Agree.

  • mark

    Hey fuck face, no one loves you, save us the time and just kill yourself. Stop what ever you’re doing and give the fuck up. That being said im glad falling in reverse isn’t breaking up.

  • mark


  • Jacob Hoffman

    These comments are just another reason that people hate Falling In Reverse. How can you stand by such a blatant dick? The music is nothing new, Ronnie acts like a fucking child, and all of his fans piss and moan when somebody disses the band or him. Not only that, but they all seem to think that the best way to defend their “idol” is to hurl vulgarities and insist on somebody else ending their own life. Seems like a really mature, stimulating, and nourishing music scene. I don’t care how much Ronnie has “helped you get to where you are today,” he hasn’t done anything that he has done for you or any of the fans, he’s done it for himself and his continued growth. If you’re going to defend your idol, at least admit he can be a huge twat, too.

  • Chris Hanna

    Please, for the better of the world, live up to your name.

  • Chris

    You can say the same thing about half the lead singers in the world, just look at axle rose, nobody makes fun of his fans and tells them to go kill themselves. Everyone needs to man up and quit bitching about everything, if you don’t like the guy and his/her music then move on with your life, don’t leave a comment and definitely don’t write articles about them, especially fabricated ones.

  • Chris

    UTG you should monitor the comments posted on your site, all I see is post telling people to go kill themselves. Real classy and reliable site you’re running here.

  • ocmyeana

    You I’m not a huge fan of his work, but it takes a real man to admit his wrongs and own up to some of things he’s done. I respect him for that.