UTG PREMIERE: The Body Rampant – “Underachiever”

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It’s hot as can be here at UTG HQ in Boston, but that’s not stopping us from bringing you the world premiere of a song that is guaranteed to improve your summer.

California rock act The Body Rampant are gearing up to release their debut album, Midnight Mayfair, July 16 with the help of our friends at Antique Records. Today the group has partnered with UTG to debut “Underachiever,” the second song to surface from the release, and in our opinion one of the best singles of 2013.

Blending the group’s knack for songwriting that is simultaneously revealing while remaining firmly metaphoric with an evolved sense of pop sensibilities, “Underachiever” is a radio-ready song if we have ever heard one. It touches on the same emotional struggles we all deal with in long-term relationships, and washes down the pain with a hook so good you’ll be singing along by the second refrain. You can stream “Underachiever” at the end of this post.

Preorders for Midnight Mayfair are scheduled to launch some time in the next twenty-four hours. Though the band has kept their planned preorder packages under wraps, we can reveal that every order will come with an instant download of this song! Keep an eye on their Twitter for updates.

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