Astro Safari USA Debut “Oh My Lord”


The heat continues to pummel us here in New England, but the latest single from Astro Safari USA promises to help you stay cool even when the temperature hits record highs in the months ahead.

Featuring former Sex, Drugs, and Bubblegum Pop writer Jayce, Astro Safari USA is the latest pop rock group to emerge from the new generation of crossover acts vying for top 40 attention. With that in mind, “Oh My Lord” arrives at a time when radio needs a feel good love song for Summer and delivers a hit that has staying power. The catchiness is second-to-none, and the beat will make you want to party. If there is anything else needed for a Summer smash, you’ll find it here as well. Click below to view the lyric video for “Oh My Lord.”

No word yet on when Astro Safari USA will be releasing an album or touring near you, but I promise we will stay on top of their efforts from here on out. While we wait for updates, comment below and let us know your thoughts on this new group.

James Shotwell

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