Hawthorne Heights Offer $200 Photo Pass For Warped, Kevin Lyman Shuts Them Down


Ohio is for lovers, not greedy bands still trying to keep the dream alive.

Hawthorne Heights found themselves in the spotlight this weekend after launching a number of special offers for fans around their upcoming stint on the Vans Warped Tour. As PropertyOfZack originally pointed out, the band’s offers included a chance to play guitar on “Ohio Is For Lovers” ($200), an opportunity to photograph the group’s set ($150), an acoustic mini-set ($75), and the opportunity to join the band for a day ($250). Fans caught wind of the high prices, specifically for the photo option, and in no time a mini-firestorm began sweeping the scene.

Hours after the original story broke, a number of Warped Tour attendees began tweeting to Kevin Lyman and various other notable members of the Warped Tour community. Upon learning of the band’s plans, Lyman apparently shut them down. You can view a tweet conversation discussing the situation below:

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