PupFresh Retracts Ronnie Radke Accusations


Before we dig into this story, I feel the last few days have seen a lot of things being said about bloggers without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. UTG has never and will never cover Ronnie Radke simply because we think hating him is somehow “cool.” We write about Ronnie Radke because people want to know about him, and whenever we say something negative we find sources to back up our claims. I know for a fact that our friends at PupFresh do the same, and their sources told them Radke was indeed firing the other members. Radke responded with a lawsuit claiming defamation and PupFresh, which is run by kids trying to make their way, were forced to post the following message or face a lengthy (and expensive) court case. REMEMBER: Just because someone had a hard childhood and admits to dealing with anger issues does not forgive everything they have done. Domestic abuse is domestic abuse, plain and simple. Sending fans to the hospital with head injuries deserves an apology, not an excuse.

Weeks after posting rumors that Ronnie Radke had fired every member of Falling In Reverse, PupFresh has released a statement retracting their previous post. You can read their statement, which resulted from legal action taken by Radke, below:

We have removed the May 18th post headlined “Ronnie Radke Walks Out On Falling In Reverse” from Pupfresh.com. The post contained untrue statements about Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse. Ronnie did not cancel his recent tour due to poor ticket sales, quit Falling In Reverse or keep any money due to the members of Falling In Reverse. We apologize to Ronnie and the band for the post and regret the error.

-Pup Fresh

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  • mark

    Yea I could only read the first 3 sentences before I had to call you out. I have never seen UTG use any sources to back up any of the negative things they say. Im not going to even finish reading what ever you have to say because I can’t trust anything you or anyone you know says.