Miley Cyrus Kickstarts Comeback With “We Can’t Stop”


I imagine some of you are reading this while simultaneously reaching for your pitchfork sharpeners and torches, but hear me out: Reinventions are hard and intriguing creatures. Someone you’re familiar with for a particular skill or gift attempts to remain in your life under a description, and more often than not it does not go well. Miley Cyrus has been teasing her return for awhile, and after giving her an honest chance I felt it was worthy of being shared. If you hate it, tell us! We can also discontinue coverage if readers don’t care.

Miley Cyrus headed to the studio of Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning in Los Angeles to finally debut her quasi-comeback single “We Can’t Stop.” The song blends Miley’s signature pop vocals with production from young superstar producer Mike Will Made It that is equal parts aggressive and fun. The final results bring to mind something Rihanna would touch, but lacks the abundance of sexuality her sultry voice would deliver. I’m still divided on the song myself, but there is definitely something here I like. You can stream “We Can’t Stop” at the end of this post.

Now that her return has begun, one can only hope the rumored collaboration with Tyler, The Creator follows in the weeks ahead. Until that time, comment below and let us know if you think Miley has what it takes to survive in the world of pop without the support of her Disney-born persona.

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  • You might want to reconsider your choice of words. That headline made me think she was doing a Kickstarter campaign.

  • ShellyAtwood

    I was expecting something a lot bigger. The hook just isn’t strong enough. Make Will I Made It is really unimpressive to me. He doesn’t have a good sense of melody.