SHUT UP AND DRIVE: Ethan Hawke Shines In First ‘Getaway’ Trailer


Ethan Hawke is kind of the man right now, isn’t he? Sinister performed well last fall, The Purge opens this weekend, and he’s been garnering all sorts of praise for his role in Before Midnight. Today we get a trailer for another Hawke-lead vehicle (no pun intended), and this time he’s bringing Selena Gomez along for the ride.

Getaway is a stand alone action film opening this fall about a man forced to drive against his will to please an unknown villain who is currently holding his wife hostage. Along the way the man picks up a passenger, and instead of killing her must work with the unknown woman to do the villain’s bidding or his wife will die. Why pick on Ethan Hawke’s character, you ask? Easy: He is/was a professional race car driver. Obviously anyone capable of driving in circles fast is able to tear apart a city from behind the wheel of super slick ride, right? It may sound foolish, and in all honesty it sounds like it might be, but the first trailer is pretty badass. You can view the clip below.

Getaway opens August 30. If nothing else, let’s hope Selena Gomez performs better here than anywhere in Spring Breakers. In fact, let’s just hope we forget Spring Breakers altogether. Long live Ethan Hawke!

James Shotwell

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