Stream Limp Bizkit’s Entire Rock AM Ring Performance


Rock AM Ring took place this weekend in Germany. Like us, most of our readers were unable to attend the massive 3-day festival, and so we’re dedicating a portion of this morning’s news to making sure you see every highlight available.

Though they were certainly not the biggest band on this year’s bill, you would be hard pressed to find Rock AM Ring attendee who did not look as excited as can be to see Limp Bizkit this past weekend. The band performed for well over an hour, knocking out hit after hit, and the crowd of over 80,000 sang along with every line. To see a band still trying to find their footing after years away find this kind of reception halfway around the world is truly an amazing experience, and it’s a gift to former nu-metal fans everywhere that it was uploaded to YouTube. You can view the full set below.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Limp Bizkit, but fans continue to demand a proper North American tour. If that were to happen, would you attend? Comment below and let us know!

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