UTG PREMIERE: A Wolf. A Liar. – ‘Persevere’ EP


If there is a better way to start a new week than by discovering a new band to help motivate you for the days ahead then I have yet to find it. We receive dozens of unsigned submissions every week, and though we could never feature them all we do our very best to bring as many new bands to your eyes and ears as possible. Today we have a group that will make post-hardcore fans scream and sing with joy all summer long, and we could not be more excited to be a part of their efforts.

A Wolf. A Liar. have appeared on UTG in the past, and in the two years since their formation we have watched them grow into a band fully aware of themselves and where they are headed. Their latest EP, Persevere, showcases a band dedicated to leaving a mark on the currently flooded heavy music scene. We know they are destined for big things, and anyone needing proof is only eight songs away from being a fan themselves. Click through the “Read More” link to enjoy Persevere.

If you love what you hear and want to know more about A Wolf. A Liar., click here to visit their official Facebook page. Persevere just hit iTunes, so be sure to click the link on the player below and add the album to your personal collection.

James Shotwell

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