STREAM: Sigur Rós – ‘Kveikur’

Sigur Ros

With the official release of Kveikur only a week away, Sigur Rós are now streaming their seventh record in its entirety through Amazon.

Known for mesmerizing the world with their ethereal blend of Hopelandic-infused post-rock, the quartet-turned-trio have taken a noticeable shift into darker territory which may come as a surprise to longtime listeners. With that being said, reigning back the expected blissful tone doesn’t mean the material is unrecognizable as the beloved key elements of Sigur Rós’ sound, such as Jonsi’s otherworldly vocals and an utterly engaging atmosphere, are still maintained throughout each of the new album’s nine songs.

Click here to experience the latest work from Sigur Rós and save the date as Kveikur officially drops June 18 via XL Recordings.

Mike Giegerich

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