DOWNLOAD/STREAM: Brandon Boyd (Incubus) – “Where All The Songs Come From”


Though it hasn’t gotten the largest amount of publicity in the world thus far, Incubus front man Brandon Boyd is releasing his album with producer Brendan O’Brien. He had a solo album in 2010 called The Wild Trapeze, and Rolling Stone reports that this project is called Sons of the Sea. He described the upcoming release as “oddball pop.”

Rolling Stone also posted a download and a stream of a new song, “Where All The Songs Come From.” On the song, Boyd said “This is a piece about the moment when you understand that as good or as bad as something seems, it’s exactly where you are supposed to be,” says Boyd. “If perceived as such, one can have access to a limitless inspiration, a ‘place’ of sorts that is the wellspring of creativity! Cheesy? Maybe. But fun? Hell yes.” On June 28, the singer will also be doing a live performance that will stream on Incubus Manager Steve Rennie’s website, as found here.

The song sure does fit his description of oddball pop; a creative outro fits a song with a catchy melody and a unique style. Sons of the Sea’s Compass EP is out June 25. The download and stream can be found here.

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