UTG PREMIERE: One Finger Riot – “Freedom Song”

One Finger Riot

Following last year’s Come Drag Me Down and Fly By Life, “Freedom Song” is the first glimpse into the upcoming third album from Faris McReynolds’ One Finger Riot project based out of Los Angeles. This brand new track from OFR boasts a big pop-rock rhythm with driving, reverb-tinged guitars, funky background bass, and a building anthem led by the recurring lyrics, “Never paid anything for what I want, because what I want is free.”

“I love pop music, but I’m not interested in writing the same kind of lyrics that I used to anymore. I don’t want lyrics to come off as serious, and even if they are, I want them to be fun. [The] lyrics [to “Freedom Song”] are about letting go of expectations,” Faris McReynolds says of the latest One Finger Riot track. I always loved the title of Dinosaur Jr.’s Whatever’s Cool With Me because it wasn’t really clear what the statement really was. I really like the idea of an anthem that’s saying something…else.”

UTG is pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of “Freedom Song” which you can stream via Soundcloud after the jump. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new One Finger Riot material in our comments section.

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