Movie: My Best Day
Director: Erin Greenwell
Writer: Erin Greenwell
Studio: Smithy Productions

My Best Day is a drawn out indie drama with interesting characters and LGBT passion.

Usually I find myself either loving or hating indie dramas. I either walk away feeling lots of emotion or I end up bored to tears wishing I could have my 90 minutes back. With My Best Day, however, I found myself right in the middle of both extremes.

My Best Day is about a girl named Karen who works at a refrigerator repair shop in a small (probably) southern town who receives a repair call from a father she has never met. With the help of her gay best friend, Meagan, she decides to head to her fathers house to finally meet him after all these years. Upon arrival she discovers not only the sister she once knew (who is now addicted to gambling) but also a little brother and her fathers boyfriend.

The best thing this film had going for it was the characters. Each one had an interesting backstory and some conflict they needed to resolve. This sounds like it could be a lot to take in, but some of the plots were a lot less involved than the others, and they all fit quite well into the main story. Erin Greenwell definitely knows how to write. All of that would have been for nothing if it were not for some skills in the acting department. Every actor performed well, and while there were not any big names attached to My Best Day you may recognize some of them from other small roles in other, bigger, films.

Unfortunately this movie does suffer from a slow plot. While there may be a lot going on at times, most of the conflicts get resolved at a turtle’s pace. The entire film takes place over one day, and you definitely get nearly every single part of the day. A lot of things could have been condensed, or left out altogether, luckily it is not so bad as to ruin the whole film. The other problem I had was that it seemed a little too convenient to have two major characters turn out to be gay. Let me say right now that I do not have a problem with gay characters in movies, but I (and many of my friends) grew up in a small town and the odds of just coincidentally running in to another gay character without any previous connection is pretty rare. I suppose it does happen, but it just seemed a little “gay character for the sake of putting another one in”.

My Best Day is not a bad movie. It is also (in my opinion) not a good movie either. It was a pretty ok way to spend an hour and a half, but not the most ideal. I am sure it will resonate more with the LGBT community (which is great) and with people who were adopted or never knew one of their parents, but I do not exactly fall into one of those categories. If you think it is up your alley make sure you check it out, I would bet you will enjoy it.

Score: C

Review written by: Justin Proper

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