John Mayer Debuts “Paper Doll”

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer has never been a performer to rush the creative process. In fact, his career has proven he seems to not care how long passes between releases as long as the quality doesn’t slip. With that in mind, it seems Mayer must be bursting with inspiration, because just this morning we learned he has another album ready to go.

Scheduled for release later this summer, Mayer’s follow-up to 2012’s Born And Raised has taken shape faster than any of his previous releases. The first single, “Paper Doll,” straddles the line between the soulful stripped down sound that catapulted Mayer into popularity and the unique take on adult contemporary that has carried him over his career. It’s a light, damn near whimsical tale that is sure to twist heart strings around the world. You can stream the single below.

“Paper Doll” hits iTunes today, but we still have no word on when Mayer’s new album will be made available. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material.

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