WATCH: Die Antwoord’s Unsurprisingly Odd Video For “Cookie Thumper”

Die Antwoord

If you’re at all familiar with the bizarre antics of Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja of South Africa’s Die Antwoord, then by now, any video they release should come as no surprise in terms of its ridiculousness. Despite assuming or expecting their “typical” affairs, there are still always aspects of their works that catch us off guard. Yo-Landi’s albino rat outfit and the giant phalli in the “Evil Boy” video for example. Or the Vagina Prawn bit and terrifying make-up (including blackface) in the visuals for “Fatty Boom Boom.”

The point is, Die Antwoord always have and always will deliver the goods when it comes to unique, disturbing, interesting, and or offensive visual material to accompany their equally unique brand of hip-hop.

This becomes further evident with the release of their brand new video for “Cookie Thumper,” which comes off their (distant) forthcoming album, Donker Mag, set to release in February of 2014. The video, directed by Ninja himself, portrays the always fresh Yo-Landi with her always original haircut as an orphan girl that has a crush on a gang member (somewhat reminiscent of Hopsin) fresh out of jail on gun charges. The two discuss plans to meet up which eventually takes place and gets rather sexual and semi-NSFW — it’s no secret at this point that Visser has no qualms with showing off her petite body. You can watch the video after the jump. Share your thoughts on their new material in our comments section.

Ninja and Yo-Landi are also set to appear as themselves in an upcoming Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) sci-fi comedy feature, titled Chappie. The film will be shot in Johannesburg, like much of District 9 was, with post-production work being done in Vancouver.

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